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Paraphrasing is a skill that all students need to master as it is required for a variety of different reasons. It is also a skill that you will need to use more and more the further you progress with your education. So a paraphrase assignment is a very common assignment that will be set for a student to help them to develop those skills as well as to assess their understanding of a subject. A paraphrasing assignment however can be very difficult if you do not fully understand the real purpose of your paraphrasing and how to go about it.

Typically your rewrite assignment will be tasked so as to enable you to:

  • Show that you fully understand a piece of original writing
  • To rewrite something that is written poorly
  • To target something to a new audience: such as simplifying a complicated piece of writing
  • To avoid any issues with plagiarism and to teach about citations and referencing

Doing the paraphrasing can be very difficult however as many students will just seek to change words one by one or they will end up reusing large amounts of the original text.

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How to Do Your Paraphrase Assignment

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The important thing to remember is what paraphrasing actually is: it is repeating the same meaning in your own unique words. This means that to paraphrase you must first of all be able to understand. So the best way to paraphrase your paraphrase assignment is to:

  • Read the original text several times so that you fully understand everything that is raised
  • Write simple notes of the points that are raised using your own words
  • Use those notes to rewrite the original text without referring back to it
  • Compare what you have written and rewrite any text that you have inadvertently rewritten

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