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Everything You Need to Know about Paraphrasing

When citing another author’s work or ideas, you need to paraphrase content. You cannot just copy everything and put it on your paper as this may result to plagiarism. To do the right paraphrasing, it is important that you know how to do it and the different types of paraphrasing.

  • Abstracting Paraphrase: This is a type of paraphrasing where you literally have your own translation and interpretation of the content.
  • Automatic Paraphrasing: Also known as a mechanical paraphrase, this is another type of paraphrasing where you substitute the words. Look for synonyms. The reason why it is called automatic is because it is done in a mechanical way.
  • Constructive Paraphrase: With this kind of paraphrasing, you reconstruct the text in such a way that is entirely different from the original one. It is not just about substituting words or finding synonyms.

Given the different types of paraphrasing, which one is the best one to use? It is actually a combination of these three types. Depending on how you want the content to appear on your research work and how you understand it, you should mix the different kinds of paraphrasing techniques.

At the end of the day, mastering the technique of paraphrasing is very essential. When you cite another person’s work, you won’t have troubles thinking that you might be doing plagiarism. You know exactly how to integrate the different materials that you read and use them to make your paper well-researched.

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Top 10 Guidelines on How to Paraphrase like a Real Pro

Paraphrasing. Many students simply dread it since it is often associated with research work. And yes, you will do a lot of paraphrasing when you have to submit a research work. Although it is really challenging to do paraphrasing, there are actually techniques and guidelines:

  • Use the thesaurus. This will come in really handy especially since you will be substituting words.
  • Understand the text. There is no point of even attempting to paraphrase a content if you don’t understand its meaning.
  • It helps that you read the text twice or even thrice if needed just so you can be sure that you understand it well.
  • Do not try to copy almost the same words. This is almost same to plagiarism.
  • Paraphrase the content the way how you understand it.
  • You cannot just write anything you want and altering the ideas of the author.
  • When you start writing, you need to complete cite the author’s word. This depends on the format and citation style.
  • Learn the different types of paraphrasing. It takes time and practice, but once you know the different ways to paraphrase, it shouldn’t be that difficult.
  • Even if you are paraphrasing, it does not mean that you no longer have your own thoughts. You will always have your own interpretation.
  • Paraphrase the text in such a way that it fits naturally and fluidly in your research paper.

Example of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is one of the most difficult things to do especially for students who are not into writing. How do you paraphrase in such a way that it will not be a plagiarized content? We have listed some examples below to help you compare and help you paraphrase any content.

  • Original: 50% of the people these days prefer to use their mobile phones than their laptops.
  • Paraphrased: Nowadays, half of the population no longer use their laptops. Instead, they prefer to use their phones.


  • Take the time to understand the original passage. If needed, you can reread so you can understand the full meaning.
  • Make your own interpretation of the content you have read.
  • Start paraphrasing the sentence or paragraph.
  • Compare your own rendition with the original. If there are essential pieces of information that you have not included, you can always re-do your paraphrased content.
  • Make sure that you do proper citation. If it is direct quotation, put the texts in a quotation marks.
  • Never forget to follow the citation style and format.
  • Be careful with plagiarism. There are instances where students think that they are doing it the right way when it fact, they don’t.

Top 10 Mistakes Rewriting a Paper

When rewriting a paper, there are important things that you have to keep in mind. A lot of students make mistakes when it comes to rewriting a paper. Here are some of the common mistakes that you need to be aware so you can avoid it:

  • Mistake #1: Rewriting the text word per word. This is something you don’t want to do if you don’t want to commit plagiarism.
  • Mistake #2: Not changing the sentence structure.
  • Mistake #3: Most students do not give proper citation to where they sourced out the ideas.
  • Mistake #4: If you are relying too much on rewriting tool, it is not a good thing too. These tools can help you but you still have to proofread your work.
  • Mistake #5: Not taking the time to understand the context of the sentence or paragraph.
  • Mistake #6: Changing the ideas of the author. There is nothing wrong in integrating your own ideas. But you should not cite something that the author did not state in his academic work.
  • Mistake #7: Most students wouldn’t take the time to proofread their work.
  • Mistake #8: Not making any revisions or editing.
  • Mistake #9: Many would rely on their paraphrasing skills. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you feel like this is not your strength, you should seek for professional help.
  • Mistake #10: Thinking that rewriting does not have to be taken seriously.

Finding a Paraphrase Tool Online to Unplagiarize My Essay

paraphraserIf you need to paraphrase a sentence or a paragraph but don’t know exactly how to do this correctly, your best bet would be to hire an expert to help you out. Paraphrasing takes more than just substituting words but actually rearranging them in such a way that they will be easier to comprehend. Rewriting a paper by hand can be done but this may take some time to accomplish especially when you have several pages to go through. Fortunately, you can take advantage of paraphrasing tools online to help get this done quicker.

The Internet is the best place to find online paraphrasing tools but it might not be a good idea to get the first service that you come across. Even if you’ll be settling with a reword tool online, you still need to choose carefully because not all online paraphrasing tools can give you accurate results. What you need is a paraphrasing service that is trusted by clients and one that can guarantee quality paraphrasing even if it means using their paraphrase tool. In short, you need to consider hiring our paraphrasing and summarizing services because this is what we experts at.

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Our Paraphrasing Tool Online

Our paraphrasing online service gets the job done fast. Simply copy the paragraph that you wish to paraphrase, paste it onto our online tool and watch how it gets paraphrased in a flash. We are confident that our online tool will be able to rewrite your paragraph properly because we have tried and tested it several times to ensure quality output. What’s more, you can get our customer service to help you out if you have any questions about our rewriting tool.

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Our Budget Friendly Content Rewriting Services

paraphrasing tool onlineWe understand that to paraphrase means you need to consider more than just finding synonyms but also changing the flow of the words to make the sentence or paragraph more meaningful. Manually rewriting paragraphs is a good idea but if you are running out of time, our online paraphraser can get the job done fast.

Our rewrite a dissertation service is able to support you with all forms of rewriting and paraphrasing. We offer help through experts that are qualified to higher degree level as well as being highly experienced with all forms of paraphrasing for research paper references and other rewriting.

With our support you can get reliable support with all of the following:

  • Paraphrasing of sentences and paragraphs to use in a larger academic paper
  • Paraphrasing of different papers such as your thesis, dissertation or research paper to use elsewhere
  • Paraphrasing of articles to target different audiences
  • Rewriting of website content to reuse on your site or SEO purposes
  • Unplagiarize my essay services: we can identify and remove any plagiarism in your work

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Features of Paraphrasing for Research Paper Service

reword toolYou will always want to work with the best so that you can be sure of the best possible quality of rewriting. Through us you will always get accurate and well written unique paraphrasing as we provide you with all of the following through our content rewriting services:

  • Highly qualified staff: we ensure your paraphrasing expert holds a postgraduate degree so that you can be sure that they fully understand the original text.
  • Unlimited revisions: if you are not happy with the first draft we will make any changes until you are satisfied with how your finished paraphrase reads.
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  • Guaranteed confidentiality: our very affordable services will never share your information or the content of your work with others.
  • Fully original paraphrases: your rewriting is always done without any possibility of copying slipping through. It will also be delivered with a plagiarism report to show that the writing is unique.
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  • Full money back guarantees: if you have any issues that we simply cannot resolve and keep you satisfied with our work we will return your money in full.

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