Tips on Paraphrasing Power Point Presentations

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Paraphrasing is done for many different reasons such as to improve something that has been poorly written or to target the writing to a different audience. It is also used extensively to prevent issues with plagiarism or copying as you should not use another writer’s words or ideas without giving them full credit.

Paraphrasing is the process of repeating what another writer has written in your own very different words but still providing the same information as in the original text. To paraphrase PowerPoint is not a simple task and many writers will struggle to maintain the same meaning or will find it hard not to repeat the wording used within the original.

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Tips for Paraphrasing PowerPoint

paraphrasing powerpoint tips

The most important thing to consider when paraphrasing PowerPoint slides is that you are trying to maintain the original meaning of the presentation. So you have to ensure that you fully understand the meaning and purpose of each individual slide.

So to paraphrase PowerPoint slides you should:

  • Read the presentation several times including any associated notes to ensure that you fully understand it.
  • Make notes in your own words as what is required for each slide.
  • Rewrite slides using your own notes without referring to the original text.
  • Compare the PowerPoint presentations to ensure that you have not repeated any of the original text.

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