Tips on How To Paraphrase In An Essay

The basic idea in paraphrasing is rewriting direct quote from essay into different words or your own words to avoid plagiarism. Paraphrasing is useful in essay especially if you want to present new essay but have the same meaning to what you want.

How to paraphrase in an Essay Tips

To paraphrasing essay, there are many things you can do but be sure you can able to make it correctly and perfectly. If you have done it wrong, then it will never be paraphrasing. You need to use your own ideas and words to have exceptional paraphrasing. If you want to know how to paraphrase in an essay, read the next tips attentively.

  • Get the main idea of the essay
  • Rewrite the idea using your own words, different words or synonyms
  • After you are reading and getting the main idea of the text, you need to take away the original essay and start paraphrasing using paraphrasing techniques. You need to hide the essay so that you will not be tempted to look at it. Just try to remember the main idea of the essay or its entire message is.
  • Next, you need to start writing your thoughts about the original essay.
  • When you are done paraphrasing, it is now the time to compare what you have written to the original version. Doing this helps you to know if you have same words, sentences and phrases. Check what you have written to know if resemblances exist. If you have similar sentences, you should revise it.
  • You can also read the original sentence and change the active voice to passive voice. If the essay is in passive voice, then change it to active voice.

If you are asking about how to paraphrase my essay, there are numerous help you can get online. It is your best help so that you will know what you will do. To make sure you don’t copy from others ideas or work, you should know paraphrasing because it helps you in having original output. You can get more information about paraphrasing on our paraphrasing service website.

In conclusion, make sure to change words in the essay with synonyms. You can also rely with a thesaurus if there are words that you don’t understand. In paraphrasing, you need to fully understand the text to make wonderful paraphrasing.