Tips on How to Paraphrase a Poem

Simple Guide and Tips on How to Paraphrase a Poem

Poems can be difficult to paraphrase especially that you have to keep in mind its syntax and word count. One of the best ways on how to paraphrase a poem would be to read first carefully the poem; this will allow you to effectively select the right words as for you to present the same ideas. Trial and error is very crucial especially that not all words are perfect given that you are dealing with a poem. Poems may often have different meaning depending on what you interpret from its content so be careful when it comes to paraphrasing a poem.

Paraphrasing a Poem Properly

Poetry is one of the most complicated things on its own, but paraphrasing poetry is just a whole new level. Here a few tips that can help you cope with this challenge:

  • Write a literal translation. In order for you to paraphrase, you need to actually understand what the poem is all about. Decipher all those metaphors and epithets. Avoid slang and cliches, focus on the literal meaning of the words.
  • Add some details. Use full sentences to explain the author’s idea instead of only relying on the short lines of the poem itself.
  • Don’t use synonyms too much. A mistake a lot of people do, thinking that paraphrasing means simply replacing words with synonyms. You might use synonyms to identify some important terms but in other cases, it’s better to completely rearrange words and use your own words to convey the same idea.
  • Keep the author’s point of view. The essential part of any paraphrasing is to express the same idea without actually copying the words. Same goes with poems, your rewording should parallel the poet’s voice, tone, and overall mood.

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Another tip on how to paraphrase a poem would be to select effectively the right words that will go along with the entire new poem. Target your audience; by choosing words, you can improve the overall impact of your content. Make sure that you do not use the same words but create a completely original poem as to avoid any form of plagiarism. There are also professional paraphrasing services online that can assist you on how to paraphrase a poem effectively.

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