The Most Common Paraphrasing Techniques

When you are doing paraphrasing, you need to restate the author’s ideas using different words. You need to keep the meaning of the text but you need to keep key terms of the original passage. If you want to know paraphrasing techniques that people are using, check this out!  Learn more about paraphrasing with our paraphrasing service!

Common Paraphrasing Techniques That Are Effective

  • Changing words: This is a paraphrase technique commonly used by individuals. In this technique, you need to change the words of the text to make it original and avoid plagiarism. If you reword a sentence of the text one by one, you are doing the right thing.
  • Using synonyms: It is important to use synonyms to make your new version unique. You should avoid copying author’s word because you are no longer paraphrasing instead you are just copying his words and committing plagiarism.
  • Change percentages and numbers to different forms: It is better when you change percentages and numbers to different forms. It is a great paraphrasing technique you should not forget so better to keep it in your mind.
  • Change word order: With this technique, you can change active voice from passive voice. You can also move modifiers to other or different positions. On the other hand, you should remember that passive voice is used in academic writing.
  • Change structure: There are many structures that you can use and it is better when you used a different structure aside from copying what the author used. You should able to know what structure you want to use.
  • Use different connecting words: Many connecting words are available for you and be sure you know how to use it correctly. It is important that you use connecting words so that you have a wonderful paraphrasing.
  • Don’t change proper nouns and key terms: You should avoid changing proper nouns and key terms. It is important in your paraphrasing that is why never changed or modify it.

The time you know what techniques you can use in paraphrasing, be sure to use it correctly. It is better when you have ideas about techniques so that paraphrasing will never be difficult for you. Whenever you need to paraphrase, begin to use needed techniques.