Plagiarism Statistics

Students sometimes can’t avoid copying the work of others. In order to know the statistics on plagiarism, read this page for more information. You will witness that there is a high percentage of students who are plagiarizing.

plagiarism statistics

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Plagiarism Statistics

According to study conducted, 60.8 percent of students have been admitted to cheating wherein 16.5 percent of that percentage didn’t regret it. Also, it has been witness that cheaters have higher GPAs compared to those who are not. For instance, cheaters have GPAs of 3.81 while those that do not have GPAs of 2.85 only.

In addition, 41 percent of Americans considered academic cheating a serious issue and 31 percent of the college officials considered cheating also as a serious issue. When it comes to college papers, it has been said that 55 percent of college presidents said that plagiarism to research papers for college increased in the past 10 years. There is also 89 percent said that internet and computer played a major role for plagiarizing. We offer you to read tips to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism Statistics: More Review

In the conducted survey, a percentage of 75 to 98 percent said that cheaters started doing it in high school wherein 80 percent of students think that it is important to cheat because it helps them a lot. In that 80 percent, there is a percentage of 90 that said and believe that they will not be caught.

  • 15 percent= submitted fake paper
  • 84 percent= cheated on written assignments
  • 52 percent= copied more sentences for one paper
  • 90 percent= percentage of students who do not get caught

If you will analyze the percentage of cheaters, it is high and you will see that there are lots of cheaters especially on written assignments and written papers. For others, they do it because they want to pass and others are for personal reasons. As said, cheating is the biggest predictor of cheating because you get the knowledge or ideas of others.

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