Assignment on Paraphrase APA Would Be Never Tough

Paraphrase APA isn’t only changing the content in the text into another version, but it also requires comprehension of various formats, including different formats.
difference between mla and apa

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Modern Language Association Format

  • MLA is most used within the humanities, in particular when research and writing about literature and languages.
  • Its in-text citation also makes use of the format ‘name page #.
  • In citing references, “if A, then B (Smith, 34)
  • For short references that are less than four lines, they must be enclosed by special marks. And for longer citations, they should be double-indented and single-spaced.

American Psychology Association Style

  • APA paraphrase is most used in research and writing social sciences.
  • In the in-text citation, it makes use of the format ‘name, year, p.#.’
  • In citing references, “If A, then B (Smith, 2007, p.34)

Professionals Advice on APA Paraphrase Writing


  • Stick with the main idea
  • Do not change if there is no replacement
  • Understand the message of the passage
  • Know the right format


  • Make APA citation paraphrase in your language
  • Use the right references
  • Introduce
  • Keep the idea clear and concise
  • Cite your reference

What to Remember in Creating Original Articles

Before starting APA paraphrase citation, you need to read the passage and understand it in order to get the main idea or point stated by the author. Without a clear understanding, you won’t be able to give justice to what you are writing because you might have the tendencies to change a word for word. Understand the main idea and rehash without looking at your source. Read what you wrote and compare with the original. Proofread and edit to ensure you have done a great job and did not commit mistakes or just ask a service for help.

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