Great Paraphrasing Techniques

When you are paraphrasing, you are restating someone else’s ideas using different words. You need to get the meaning of the book, essay, article or journal you are paraphrasing. You need to get the important key terms and phrases that you will incorporate with your paraphrase. Our paraphrase service helps you to paraphrase effectively.

Paraphrasing Techniques Effectively

To paraphrase technique, there are techniques that you should know to restate someone else’s ideas. An effective paraphrasing needs techniques, but if you do it correctly, you have the assurance that what you are doing is correct.

  • Change the word: It is necessary that you change the word of the paper and ensure it will not be similar to the original passage. Do your best so that your new version is entirely different from the original version but keeping the meaning.
  • Synonyms: How to paraphrase the word? In some cases, you need to use synonyms. Lots of English language or words have similar meanings and it is suggested to use it so that you have a new version. For instance, if the author used “important”, you can change it to “essential” to avoid plagiarism.
  • Order of word: To avoid plagiarism and to achieve new version, you need to change the order of words. With this, you can change passive voice to active voice. You can change the active voice to passive voice. Keep in mind that passive voice is used in academic writing.
  • Different structure: According to this paraphrasing technique, you need to use another structure for your new version. Never attempt to follow the same structure that the author used because you only commit plagiarism. There are different structures that you can use for your paper so think carefully.
  • Different attribution signals: As said, do not do what the author is doing make sure you use different attribution signals.
  • Connecting words: Many of connecting words are available and you can use it anytime you want. On the other hand, you should make sure you use the right connecting words to avoid confusion. Also, make sure to use sentence structure.
  • Avoid changing key terms: Key terms are important in paraphrasing and never change it. You need to keep the key terms in preserving the meaning. Never do it or else you are changing the meaning.

If you want to gain more information, you need to check out paraphrasing techniques examples so that you will have a guide. Apply the techniques today!