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how can you avoid plagiarismPlagiarism is a serious intellectual offense in which could lead to dire consequences. When writing a paper, whether academic or professional, make sure that the content will be 100% original. Paraphrasing a poem, essay or any text often result to plagiarism, especially that you are using someone else’s ideas and it can be very tempting to simply copy some of its parts. How can you avoid plagiarism? The best method in which you can prevent plagiarism would be to create an entirely new content. Be sure that you paraphrase effectively in which the words are new but the message is still the same.

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how do you avoid plagiarismAnother effective way on how do you avoid plagiarism would be to allocate time in proofreading your paper. Proofreading allows you to double check not only the content but the entire structure of your paraphrased paper as to make sure that this is 100% authentic and non-plagiarized.

Here are a few tips as to how to avoid plagiarism and not get into a trouble:

  • Paraphrase plagiarism. This is a perfect way out for someone who knows their way with words and has enough time on their hands. Paraphrasing helps you to create a decent informative paper without being told that “you have nothing to do with this essay” because you do make a contribution of some sort.
  • Copy-pasting with a trick. The eternal question of how to copy and paste without plagiarizing. Is it actually possible? Apparently, it is. God bless lazy people who are able to find 300 ways of how not to put a lot of effort into something. As it is said, this trick better works with Mac than PC, so mind that. All you have to do is press that wriggly line button + C, set the cursor where the copied text will go. Then click “Edit,” follow it with a “Paste Special” and end it with an “Unformatted text.” How does it help? Well, it gets rid of all the hidden codes that might have traveled together with the text to your document and fix the whole different fonts/sizes/formatting thing.
  • Being stealthy with Turnitin. Another question that is extremely popular around people is how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin. Ah, the almighty Turnitin that ruined the lives of many students. But is it that almighty? It if just a machine, after all. And a machine can be tricked. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to duck that “plagiarism” grenade. Simply replace the English “e” in your text to a Cyrillic “e”. You can find it in Google, copy then hit Apple + F in the document and there should appear a “Find” window. After that go towards the “find and replace” menu, where you will instruct it to find “e” and replace it with the Cyrillic version of “e.”

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Learn the Best Ways to Prevent Plagiarism Effectively Online

prevent plagiarismProofreading your paper is one of the best ways to prevent plagiarism and this also allows you to eliminate other errors such as grammar mistake and typos. The entire process of proofreading and revising can be time-consuming which is why you should allow experts to do the task for you. Preventing plagiarism with us gives you the convenience as you can just relax and let our experts do the job for you.

Here are 5 ways to make sure your paper is plagiarism-free:

  • Paraphrasing. Well, the most obvious one. Perfect for instances when you feel like you found exactly the information you needed but you obviously can’t simply copy and paste it into your work. So you convey the same ideas using your own words. But make sure not to use more than two words in a row from the original.
  • Citing. One of the easiest ways to avoid plagiarism is to simply indicate the source. Cite the source according to one of the formatting guides (APA, Chicago, MLA, etc) that is usually specified by the institution.
  • Quoting. If you want to include the exact statement from the original, then put quotation marks around it. Ensure, though, that you use the quote word for word as it was in the source material.
  • Referencing. Another option is to add a whole separate page at the end of the paper that includes all the sources used in your project. And once again, it should be formatted according to particular style guidelines.
  • Citing your own material. This might come as a surprise but you have to cite yourself as well if some of the ideas you used before in other written works. Self-plagiarism is a thing, people.

Helpful Tools and Websites

Here’s a list of useful online tools and websites that can help you cope with plagiarism:

  • Purdue Online Writing Lab. A website that many of us are familiar with and a helpful little companion for everyone who is involved in academic writing. It is a gold mine of tips, guidelines, and information.
  • Grammarly. Another well-known platform. Probably the best one in terms of accuracy. It will not only check if your content original, but also detect grammatical mistakes, flaws in writing style, etc. However, you do have to pay for a subscription if you want to have such a detailed analysis of your writing. Otherwise, you’ll be able to use only free proofreading feature.
  • Plagiarisma. Quite a basic tool but does its job really well. It is widely used by writers, students, and anyone who is engaged in writing. Mind that the free version has a limited amount of plagiarism checks.
  • Copyscape. This tool has both free and paid version as well. But the results that you get with a premium version is quite detailed and informative. After pasting the URL or text you’ll get a list of websites that have exact matches, content that is similar to your copy, partial copies, and content that has been modified from your original form.

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