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paraphrasing examplesParaphrasing is tough especially to those who don’t have the experience. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by getting our instant paraphraser to use as a guide. Paraphrasing examples are everywhere. You can get them from books or even online. The trick is to understand how the entire process is done from changing the words to rearranging their order to construct an entirely new paragraph while still retaining the original idea.

Statistics Related to Plagiarism While Writing

Some statistical facts are being shared here about plagiarism while writing. Give them your precious time to increase personal knowledge.

  • During the last year, the 59% of high school students admitted cheating on a test.
  • Cheating (more than 2 times) while attempting an exam or test are done by 34% students.
  • The use of internet to plagiarize an assignment is common in one out of three high school students these days. They prefer the shortcuts and saving time to get this job done in the simpler manner.
  • The replication of few sentences from internet source without footnoting is performed by 36% of undergraduate students.
  • The falsifying or fabricating the bibliography is done by 14% of students from different universities.
  • The word for word plagiarism from a written source without citation is done by 7% of the students while copying materials from the different sources.

Get Examples of Paraphrasing from Us

paraphrase exampleIf you are looking for more paraphrase examples, you should pay our website a visit because we have samples ready and waiting for your perusal. Most of the samples that you see on our site were done by our certified writers just so you can get a clear idea on the rewriting process. If you are having trouble with paraphrasing, we can assign a paraphrase to you to provide you with the assistance that you need. For sure, once you get to see how we work, you’ll never look for another paraphrase online service afterward.

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The Five Must-Avoid Mistakes in Paraphrasing

If you’re all set to paraphrase any document, you are supposed to know about these mistakes for a better experience while working. Read out these feasible tips:

  • Have some patience in reading what you have to rephrase. Developing the proper understanding is necessary for sure. Every good author study the material before starting to work on it.
  • Writing a lot without noticing the quality of work is a mistake. Try to maintain the quality for better results. Any document is rejected in the first go if it has no up-to-the-mark quality.
  • Typing fast and making a lot of spelling mistakes. Although, there’s an auto-correction option but you can write ‘quiet’ rather than ‘quite’. These are the mistakes that can’t be rectified by even using the Auto-Correct option. You may definitely miss such mistakes.
  • Follow the template or format you can be comfortable with. It is important to enjoy a good rewriting experience.
  • Simply, avoid the addition of personal opinions or anything not related to the document that you’re following. Every paraphraser need to know that rewriting is all about writing the unique and original content that must be relevant to the actual source.

A Paraphrase Example


“Students tend to quote directly from their source to the point that their research paper is peppered with it. At least 10% of the manuscript should be direct quotes while the rest should be written in your own words.  It is imperative that you reduce the amount of information that you transcribe directly from the source.”


“When writing a research paper, students often use direct quotes aplenty making the final manuscript packed with it. The final manuscript should only have around 10% of direct quotes so that your ideas will be presented well. This is why you need to make it a point to lessen direct transcription when writing your paper.”

The Paraphrasing Hacks: Write Like a Pro

It is never too late to learn about paraphrasing even if you’ve completed the university. The learning of paraphrasing is necessary and is used in our entire life. Therefore, you need to spend some additional time to learn about it. Here are some tips to improve one’s paraphrasing skills. Are you interested in these tips?

  • It is better to write the statements in own words rather than turning the active voice sentences to the passive voice ones. All the paraphrasing experts pay higher attention to writing the content in your own words.
  • Don’t forget to use the quotation marks if you’ve to use any quote or saying (that can’t be paraphrased). It is necessary to turn any copied sentence or line into a unique (original) one.
  • Make a short list of relevant words and the main ideas of quotes if you’re having difficulty in paraphrasing. This can help you a lot in rephrasing of the content.
  • Never miss any sentence while you go through the document. You must know that going through the content is necessary before making an attempt to paraphrase.
  • Make the corrections twice or even thrice not only by checking the text through using a tool but also manually. All in all, your editing would make the draft readable.

These are the must-consider tips that can polish up your skills of paraphrasing the text content. You can turn yourself a paraphrasing expert from the beginner. Let’s focus on these tips.

mistakes to know for paraphrasing examples writing

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