7 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an act of copying from other ideas or work whether intentionally or unintentionally. If you want to know ways to avoid plagiarism, here is what you need to do. It is your best paraphrase help to avoid errors that you can make when you lack the skills and when you do not understand what you are doing.

Best Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

  • Paraphrase: This is one of the best tips on how can you avoid plagiarism. If you found the right information for your paper and you should not copy from other works, one of the best ways in avoiding plagiarism is paraphrasing. You need to make sure you are not copying from other word and for word that can’t be paraphrased, use quotation marks.
  • Cite: It is one of the effective ways to avoid plagiarism. With this, you need to follow the right format guidelines used by your university.
  • Quoting: When quoting a source, you need to use the source exactly the way it is. If you do not want to be misquoted, you need to do it correctly. This step takes time but your effort pays off. If you do quoting wrongly, you are plagiarizing.
  • Citing quotes: Citing quotes are different from citing paraphrased material. In this step, you need to add a page number or paragraph number. Make sure you do not leave any information and you do it properly.
  • Citing your own material: If you are using a material for your paper but it was used in your class or previous class, you should not copy it. Instead, you need to cite your own material because treating the text as yours is called as self-plagiarism and it is not accepted.
  • Referencing: One of the essential ways in avoiding plagiarism is to include reference number or works cited in the end of your paper. In this step, you need to meet formatting guidelines that is using by the institution. The details are specific and it includes authors, title, date of publication and source.
  • Check your text: Paraphrasing a paragraph, a whole text or a sentence you need to check your new version to the original to know if you do not copy any similar words.

Finally, take time in understanding the way in avoiding plagiarism. You need to do it so that you will never commit crime or be expelled because you copy from others work.

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