10 Paraphrasing Tips

Paraphrasing is restating others work or quoting directly from the source. If you badly need to paraphrase but you can’t get started because you don’t know what important steps you should do to avoid detecting plagiarism, then here are paraphrasing tips you can have.

Tips for Paraphrasing

  • Translate: One of the best tips for paraphrasing is translating a passage using your own words. Don’t just rely with thesaurus but you are required to state the text the way you understand it and the way you need to state it.
  • Flip the sentence: In order to have a new sentence structure, you can flip the sentence by moving the beginning to end and vice versa. It is one of the great tips to paraphrase especially when you need to avoid plagiarism.
  • Signal phrase: Adding signal phrase is essential in introducing source. The signal phrase allows your reader that you’re introducing a source that contains details from another source. Regardless, you can also create some changes in the structure and verb tense to make new context.
  • Use citation: You can use citation in paraphrasing.
  • Don’t include own analysis: You need to avoid including your own analysis or interpretation. You need make a clear distinction between others work and your thoughts.
  • Own words: One of the important things in paraphrasing is that you should use your own words. If there are words that can be changed, using a quote is what you should do. If you just copy keywords or phrases in the passage with quoting, you are committing plagiarism.
  • Reworded: Be sure to check your paper if it’s reworded properly. With that in mind, you can use synonyms.
  • Passive to active voice: If the original text is in passive voice, you can make it to active voice or if the passage is in active voice, you can make it to passive voice. This is one of the commonly used tips in paraphrasing.
  • Get to the point: Never allow yourself to include your viewpoints. It must be completely about author’s opinion or ideas.
  • Judge yourself: Be sure your paraphrase sound like you and it must not look or sounds like the original.

Best tips from our paraphrase help website are important to know in paraphrasing. Whatever your reason in paraphrasing, you need to do it properly and completely. Start to paraphrase your paper with the help of tips on paraphrasing now!